Wednesday Art Activities

Every Wednesday is art day.  A range of activities throughout the holidays

July 27, August 31 - Splatter Art

Create your own amazing art piece with a selection of paints that you pour and splatter onto your art.  Think Jackson Pollock kind of art. The kids love to drop the paint and squirt the colours onto their artwork.  The challenge is helping them know when to stop!  £3.50


August 3rd - T-Shirt Painting

Bring your own T-Shirt (or we can order you one at an extra cost).  We supply templates and ideas with some textile paints and pens.  You design your fashion art on your t-shirt. Wear it with pride! £3.00

August 10th - Pottery Painting

We have a selection of pottery items you can paint. This time a variety of animals such as the fantastic fox, snappy squirrel and cheeky monkey!  Items vary in price, booking for £3.00 which goes towards your pottery piece. Some pieces are £3 others more.


August 17 - Clay Making

We will be using air dry clay to mould and make your pottery piece. Create a cup and saucer, or an animal or whatever your imagination provides. 

Clay does not need an oven but will dry by its self.  This is a messy activity so please wear appropriate clothes.  £3.00

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