Friday Cooking Activities

Every Friday is cooking day.  A range of activities throughout the holidays

Aug 5th - Cookie Dough!

Grab your ingredients, mix away and create your own cookie dough. You can take it home or you can enjoy with some ice cream from the cafe (extra cost).  Kids will love the messy mixing and the yummy eating. No eggs are  used  in this recipe  and  it can be dairy free if you would prefer. 

We recommend getting your hands into this activity and squashing and mushing away!  £3.00


Aug 12 - Apple Lollipops

Don't think toffee apples but think sliced apple coating in delicious chocolate and decorated with all sorts of yummy stuff.  These look great and will be great gifts unless you eat them of course.  Cost includes 2 or 3 lollys. (Dairy free option available) £4.00

Aug 19th - Oreo Cheese Cake

The kids will love mixing and making this no-bake cheese cake.  Mixing up the ingredients and forming their own cheese cake. This will require a time to set in the fridge (best results would be to take home to set longer but can be eaten after a period in the freezer with some ice cream (extra)).

A strong mixing arm is needed for this activity! £4.00


Sept 2 - Chocolate Making

Melted chocolate poured onto some baking sheets in the shape of a bar or whatever you want, then decorated with a host of toppings. Set in the fridge and enjoy like a chocolate bar. £3.00

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